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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment and Download
Payment is made via PayPal. After you have made your purchase and paid via PayPal you will automatically recieve an email containing the download link. PLEASE ENSURE that you enter your correct email adress when making your purchase
How long is the download link valid?
Computer crash.... power outage? Don´t panic! The download link you recieve in your email shortly after you´ve made your purchase is valid for 2 days.
The 7% VAT charge is added at the end of the checkout process
Purchase Agreement, Returns and Refunds Policy
Digital products which have been downloaded cannot be physically returned and as a result cannot be refunded. This means that by purchasing and downloading our digital products you are automatically acknowledging and agreeing to the fact that MyTypeGuide is not legally obliged no offer a refund. In order to avoid dissappointment, you can check out the free book samplers before making your purchase.
Should you experience any problems whilst making your purchase, please contact us and we will try to help you as quickly as possible.
The fonts are supplied free of charge – does this mean the fonts are free for commercial use?
Whilst some fonts may be free for commercial purposes most fonts will require a license. Please check the individual font file details for further information.
A note about the fonts in books
Some typefaces in the Font Guide books do not display well or properly. This is an indication that they may not be suitable for use in an ordinary text program or inside a table, and/or then printed to pdf. They may however work just fine in other types of programs (eg. Photoshop and so on) In some cases the numbers are not displayed - this is because the numbers haven´t been programmed for these fonts files.
Why are the book covers so boring?
We wanted to make the covers as simple and as printer-friendly as possible and … they ended up looking a little naff.
Does MyTypeGuide.com offer or sell font licenses?
We do not sell the actual font licenses. We only supply the fonts free of charge as a courtesy to our customers in order to help you save time. Once you have found the right font for your project and have tested it you can check the font information regarding a license. This information is supplied in the font file. You can purchase a license from various other typography sites who specialize in selling fonts and licenses or contact the font author/foundry directly.
Type designers – Font Submissions
We are now accepting submissions from individual type designers! You are invited to submit your fonts to be included in future publications and get free publicity for your work. Don´t forget to include your details and website etc in the font files you submit. Also, please tell us which category your font(s) should be included in. Please follow the Font Submission Guidelines. For font submissions please email us at MyTypeGuide(AT)hotmail.com RE: Fonts submissions
Designers and artists – Image Submissions
If you have created a design, illustration or artwork using one of the fonts presented in either the Dingbats or the Font Guide books and would like to have it displayed on our Image page, please email us at : MyTypeGuide(AT)hotmail.com; RE: Pics; File size: Due to limited disk space the image file should be approx 300x315 pixel, in either landscape or portrait format. The file size should ideally not exeed 2 MB (larger files cannot be send via email anyway); File format: PNG or JPG; Please see the images we have uploaded already in order to get a better idea of what it may look like when placed on the website. Vital information you must include in your email when sending us the image of your design work: Send us your full name and email address. The caption below the image will read: `by your name´ Your image file should be named as follows: Your full name_image title ( this can also be a number and does not have to be a full word, especially if you are sending us more than one image). This information is very important in case you wish us to remove your image again at any time in the future, as we will be able to fullfill your request more more quickly. If you do wish us to remove your image again the must send us the full file name (full name_image title) Please note that we may also publish your work elsewhere for promotional purposes (on social media platforms for example). If you do not wish us to share your work elsewhere except on our own website, please mention this in the email you send us when submitting, or at any time at the above email address.
Link exchanges
For a link exchange please email us at: MyTypeGuide(AT)hotmail.com; RE: Links; Please describe your website in a few keywords or one or two short sentences. The description will be added to the link so visitors get a better idea of what your site is about. Also let us know the following: Are you a general font download website, (free, paid etc); Do you offer downloads for purchase which include a font license; Are you an individual type designer and it´s your own website etc; This information helps us to place you in the correct category. Make sure you send us your website adress as well as the correct Url. You can copy and paste this short list into your email: name of website: ____ URL of website: ____ type of website:____ description:____ ; Or other information you would like to be included. Please keep this as brief and specific as possible. Please note that we only accept links to websites that are related to typography
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