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Welcome to My Type Guide! 

Please read on to find out what our books are all about

 The Font Guide ebooks 

 Do you spend endless hours trying to find the perfect typeface?  Are you bored using the same bunch of fonts again and again?  Are you looking for a great selection of typefaces to choose from? 

The Font Guide reference books  are here to help!

We have created the Font Guide books especially for all graphic designers, illustrators, artists and all other creative people who work with typography.

Browse through thousands of fonts and find the perfect typeface for your design project within minutes.

Discover typefaces you didn´t even know existed

All Font names and numbers are clearly displayed in regular, italic, bold as well as in bold + italic on one page.

All presented fonts are included free of charge so you can work with them immediately.

You save tons of time and effort!

Free samplers of each publication are available on our `Free Samplers´ page

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     Confused by Dingbats? We have the perfect solution   

 The Dingbats Guide ebooks 

Dingbats are very creatively done and lots of fun to look at but working with them can be very confusing.

Unfortunately Windows Font Viewer does not display all font symbols for you to see. Nor does it show you which keys to press to type the desired symbol.

This is why we have created The Dingbats Guide for you.

Not only are all font icons clearly displayed but inside the eBook you will also discover all the keys and secret key combinations required to work with Dingbat fonts.

The Dingbats Guide is sorted by themes and the first edition includes a special section for icon fonts which are usually included in Windows .

Download the Free Sampler (font: Wingdings) to see what it´s all about.


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