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 About Us 

MyTypeGuide.com is dedicated to two things:

We create and offer new typography books designed especially for all creative professionals who work with typography in order to make their work life a lot easier.

All books are created with a specific purpose in mind and are neatly divided into the various typography `categories´, such as serif, sans serif, outline, shadow etc.

All books are designed in a way that is simple, compact and time saving for busy designers, illustrators and other typography enthusiasts.

The Font Guide and The Dingbats Guide both offer an extensive selection of typefaces and symbol fonts.

We also promote type designers and their creative work. This is why we are now also accepting font submissions from individual font authors for future book publications.

The names of individual type designers are not printed in the books (except The Dingbats Guide No.1) for practical reasons. But if you are interested in finding out more you can check the font files for details.


  How it all started 

The idea and book concepts were created many years ago, back in 2004 or so. It all started as a small personal project intended for personal reference only. But only the pre-installed fonts on the computer were used and they were all over the place and mixed up.

The table for `making sense´ of dingbats fonts was also created at the same time but has since been improved.

Time went by and eventually more fonts were were bought and organized into appropriate type categories such as serif, sans serif, typewriter, fraktur and so on. The same was done for newly aquired dingbats fonts.

Eventually, all of the selected fonts were finally put into actual new PDF books and offered a much more comprehensive `reference library´.

One day, the idea to make the ebooks available to other creative people came to mind and... many, many years after the idea was originally conceived... MyTypeGuide was finally launched. 

If you enjoy typography, be it for professional reasons or just for fun, or if you want to discover the world of dingbats, then our font books are just what you need.












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